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On The Fly Treatment Kit


Patchology On The Fly Kit

Long security lines, bad airport coffee, and stale airplane air are no match for your jetsetter's secret weapon: the On The Fly Travel Treatment Kit from Patchology. This frequent flyer's favorite includes 1 FlashMasque® Hydrate, 1 FlashMasque® Illuminate, 1 pair FlashPatch® Rejuvenating Eye Gels, and 1 FlashPatch® Hydrating Lip Gel. Apply, relax, and revive as necessary whether you're on the plane or finally at your destination. If you REALLY want to have a good flight? You might even want to slip one of these masks to a flight attendant.

Patchology On The Fly Kit Includes:

* Hydrate Masque 0.95 oz, ingredients include hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5

* Illuminate Masque 0 .95 oz, ingredients include licorice extract and grapefruit seed

* 1 eye gel packet, contains a pair of gel patches

* 1 lip gel packet, contains a single gel patch