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Cold-Brew Matcha (10 To-Go Packets)

Matcha Ninja

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Matcha Ninja is organic and easy to use. It's super soluble, which means you can just add it to cold or warm water, shake and go. 

About Matcha Ninja

Matcha Ninja is not bitter like most Matcha. We believe we have the best tasting raw organic matcha on the planet. 

How is this achieved?

Matcha leaves are specially selected tench leaves that are de-stemmed and finely ground for a longer period than regular matcha to allow for super soluble and superior tasting Matcha. Because it's super soluble in cold/warm water, you can just add it to water in your water bottle, shake and go. No whisk needed!

Match Ninja is 100% Organic. Organic is super important to us because with Matcha you are actually ingesting the tea leaves as opposed to steeping and discarding them. 


Box of 10 Individual Packets (1.5g each)

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