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Forget Beauty

3 Layers of Hydration + Illuminated Kit



The 3 Layers of Hydration is Forget Beauty's Signature Skin Care System and it just got brighter with the addition of the Illuminated Vitamin C Powder.  

The Awakened Hydrating Serum plus Illuminated Vitamin C Powder deeply nourish and feed the dermal layer of the skin preventing dehydration, while promoting collagen, resulting in healthier, brighter, rejuvenated skin. 

The Nurtured Replenishing Oil provides lipid replenishment to what we like to call at Forget Beauty the mid-layer resolving dryness breathing life back into the skin. The final hydrating step in this incredible kit is The Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer.  Immersed provides incredible hydration to the top layer of skin all while protecting your skin from environmental factors.

The Kit Includes:

  • Awakened Hydrating Serum
  • Nurtured Replenishing Oil
  • Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer
  • Illuminated Vitamin C Powder

Recommended Use

After cleansing add 1/2 up to 1 scoop of Illuminated Vitamin C Powder to 1-2 pumps of Awakened Hydrating Serum in palm of the hand. Lightly blend and apply to skin.  Then apply 1 pump of the Nurtured Replenishing Oil followed by Immersed Nourishing Moisturizer.   

*Illuminated Vitamin C Powder is not recommended for very sensitive skin types.

*Nurtured Replenishing Oil can be used daily or weekly depending on your skin's needs.