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Calecim Multi-Action Cream (50g)


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CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL Multi-Action Cream is designed to correct all signs of skin aging. It works actively by smoothing deep wrinkles and fine lines and actively acts on contour loss, sagging and loss of skin volume and fullness. Our Multi-Action Cream helps renew the surface of the epidermis and rebuild the structural layers of the skin.

The results can be observed in 14 days, with impressive and optimal results in 3 months of use. See your skin get firmer, smoother and younger.


As we age, the cell regeneration cycle slows down and the rejuvenating proteins naturally secreted by the stem cells decrease in number. The skin subsequently takes longer to get rid of the damaged cells and now the signs of skin aging appear, such as wrinkles, discoloration of the complexion, loss of fullness, sagging and loss of volume of the skin.

The Multi-Action Cream is designed to stimulate the proteins responsible for firming and hydrating the skin. Science has enabled us to extract patented derivatives of the umbilical cord membrane, powerful growth factors that have aim to improve laxness and fullness of the skin.

How to use

Start by cleaning the face thoroughly.
Apply the CALECIM® PROFESSIONAL multi-action cream evenly according to the 4 aesthetic areas of the face.
Spread gently or pat lightly to penetrate the cream until completely absorbed (do not force absorption).
Continue with the application of a moisturizer.
Apply twice a day, morning and evening, after the toner and before the moisturizer.

Key Ingredients

Glycoproteins or consolidated peptides Plays an important role in linking and signaling between cells
Soluble collagen Give your skin strength, shape and form
Albumin Necessary for turgor of the skin, gives support and fullness
Fibronectinn Increases the strength of collagen by binding
Hyaluronic acid Plumps the skin by binding to water molecules