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CTGF Human Growth Factor Serum

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We are retailing a limited supply of the CTGF Human Based Growth Factor Serum.

CTGF Human Based Growth Factor is the advanced clinical grade human based growth factor we use in our micro-needling, hydra-facials and advanced versions of our treatments. 

We only have a limited supply so if you want it ACT FAST! We will be selling 20 Bottles. They will be shipped in a Violet Miron Glass Bottle. This high end, unique violet glass provides unsurpassable protection for products ensuring uncompromised efficacy. 

20ml Bottle: $169 (reg $ 400)
This product has a limited shelf life due to its activity and high concentration. It will expire in August 2020.

So what is The CTGF Human Based Growth Factor?
CTGF is an advanced Human Growth Factor that was originally use in the burn ward in hospitals to regenerate healthy new skin. It contains one of the most concentrated levels of growth factors and proteins in the industry, boosting the skin’s metabolism to trigger the skin’s mechanism for renewal. Growth Factors are proteins responsible for dramatic cell proliferation and regeneration. CTGF is great for lines, wrinkles, laxity, rough and dull skin. CTGF’s are used to repair wounds, which includes the formation of collagen; they help regenerate new healthy tissue. The result: enhanced elasticity, improved skin texture, tightness and reduced inflammation. Can be used in your first aid treatments at home for burns, wounds and scars.  

This is a highly concentrated treatment serum that can be used every 3rd night. It must be added into a serum to help deliver it into the skin or with a dermal roller. 

These serums include: (see special promotions below)

Forget Beauty  
  • Awakened Hydrating serum
  • Empowered Collagen Revival Serum
  • Harmonized Clarifying Serum

Osmosis Pur Medical 
  • Calm
  • Correct 
  • Clarify 
  • Renew
  • Replenish 

Cannot be use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or by those who have skin cancer. 

**This is a highly concentrated product but it is not stimulating in anyway so there is no risk of redness, or downtime with this product.  

CTGF Combo Product Promotions

CTGF Human Growth Factor
+ Empowered Collagen Revival Serum
(reg $258)

CTGF Human Growth Factor
+ Harmonized Clarifying Serum
(reg $248)

CTGF Human Growth Factor
+ Awakened Hydrating Serum
(reg $238)

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