Gua Sha Face Tool


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The Gua Sha tool, a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as 'scraping the skin'. The Gua Sha technique works to increase blood flow and helps move any stagnant energy that could be causing inflammation. The tool helps to support the lymphatic system and also reduces muscle tension, lifts, sculpts and contours the face. The stone naturally stays cool and has several curves and angles to shape the face.


  • Moves lymphatic fluid and flushes out toxins by breaking down hardness and stagnation in facial tissue and muscles.  This increases much needed blood flow brightening and feeding the skin from the inside out. 
  • It also reduce puffiness.
  • Tones the face, and jaw. 
  • Heals acne prone skin. 


Use your Gua Sha Face Tool 1-3 times a week with Nurtured Replenishing Oil by Forget Beauty for serious skin nourishment. 

*These tools are made of Rose Quartz Crystal and therefor are delicate. Please be careful when using, they can break if mishandled or dropped!