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Magnetic Youth Mask


The unique Magnetic Youth Mask utilizes the power of magnetic force to increase the health and longevity of the skin. The Magnetic Youth Mask accelerates the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in the skin. The magnetic field generated in the blood improves the transport of toxins, impurities and excess water out of the skin restoring your skin to a vibrant state. The mask also increases the regeneration of red blood cells, accelerates metabolism and renews aging skin cells.  

The mask sheet is soft and light, sensitive skin-friendly, and the natural plant essence is absorbed by skin easily, making the skin healthy, moisturized, smooth and delicate.


  • Accelerates cell renewal
  • Prevents micro wrinkles from turning into deep wrinkles
  • Slows down skin aging 
  • Detoxifies and de-puffs the skin
  • Improves skin metabolism
  • Improves peripheral circulation
  • Refreshes and smoothes the skin


Aging, dull


  1. Clean your face thoroughly and dry it.
  2. Place the mask on the face, adjust it and press it gently on your skin. 
  3. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes and pat your skin gently to allow the remaining essence to be absorbed by the skin. Use each mask only once.


  • Hydrolyzed Collagen: Improves skin smoothness, elasticity, moisture, and slows down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Treulose: Forms a protective barrier and prevents moisture loss on the cellular level.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Reduces the appearance of fine lines, promotes younger-looking skin, and helps create a healthier skin barrier.
  • Vitamin E: Combats harmful environmental influences and protects against premature skin aging.
  • Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Juice: Full of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Creates a protective layer on the skin. Strong soothing effect.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Due to strong hydrating properties it creates smoother, softer skin while at the same time minimizing wrinkles.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Improves skin's elasticity, dramatically enhances its barrier function, helps erase discolorations and revives skin's healthy tone and texture. Improves skin complexion and fine lines. Anti-inflammatory and calming.


1 sheet mask per package