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Nurture Your Glow Kit

Nurture Your Glow Kit

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Nuture your glow with Nurtured Replenishing Oil by Forget Beauty and a KDM Gua Sha tool. These two products compliment each other perfectly and will leave your skin glowing!

The Gua Sha tool, a method of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as 'scraping the skin'. The Gua Sha technique works to increase blood flow and helps move any stagnant energy that could be causing inflammation. The tool helps to support the lymphatic system and also reduces muscle tension, lifts, sculpts and contours the face. The stone naturally stays cool and has several curves and angles to shape the face.


Skin Benefits from using Gua Sha 1-3x a week

-Lifting and sculpting while releasing tension and soothing the muscles and the skin.

-Boosting blood circulation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

-Softens fine lines and Wrinkles

-Improves contours and the shape of the face.

-Supports lymphatic drainage

-Reduces puffiness 

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