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Protect Your Collagen Kit

Protect Your Collagen Kit

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Protect, stimulate and awaken your natural collagen with these three must have products.  

The Empowered Collagen Revival Serum stimulates collagen while you sleep, plus it regenerates healthy, youthful looking skin.  

The Awakened Hydrating Serum will quickly become your favourite daytime serum.  It contains hyaluronic acid along with many powerful antioxidants and chine herbs to protect and nourish your collagen.  Hyaluronic acid hydrates the collagen, keeping it moist and elastic, while promoting the formation of more collagen.

Last but certainly not least this kit contains a highly effective physical based sunblock that is essential to protecting your collagen.  Elta MD Physical  41 is our absolute favourite sunblock and believe me we have tested and trialed ALOT!

This Kit Includes:



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