Commit to Healthy Skin

2017 is here and everyone is setting their intentions for the year! Whether it’s breaking a bad habit, learning a new skill, or losing those extra few pounds, we all crave immediate results. It’s this desire for quick and easy results that often leads us astray, and skincare is no exception.

More and more people are investing a good deal of money in skin treatments while not paying close enough attention to their skincare products and routine at home. The truth is, long term, positive changes in skin texture and appearance come from a daily skincare program that replenishes and provides the skin with topical essentials and nutrients. In the same way that adopting a healthy lifestyle program leads to positive body changes, adopting a consistent and healthy skincare regimen can help you reach your long-term skin goals.

Our Skin Addix line was developed by SKN Clinic Owner and Founder, Amanda Beisel and contains the essential products needed for a well-rounded skin care regimen. Check out the Skin Addix line here which features some of our favourites such as DailyFix Revival Serum which contains a restorative blend of essential skin nutrients and hyaluronic acid, and Hydra Hit, a luxurious daily anti-aging moisturizer designed for all skin types.

Quick fixes are always temporary for the skin, just as they are for body. When choosing to undergo esthetic treatments such as laser treatments, peels, skin needling, injectables and more, it’s critical to also invest in a great daily skincare program to supplement the treatments, maintain the results and work on the skin as a whole. Injectables, for example, will quickly and effectively diminish certain lines and add volume to the skin, but the results are very temporary. When combined with a healthy daily skincare program, the skin is nourished and fed, promoting healthy, great-looking skin with longevity.