There are two types of Acne; Digestive Acne and Liver/Hormonal Acne.  Our treatment approach gets to the root of the acne you are experiencing leading to real, longterm results.  A holistic healing plan not only heals the acne but also elevates the health of your digestive system and liver. Your entire body is intimately connected and needs to be looked at through a holistic lens when healing a skin condition.   

The location of your acne tells us where it is rooted and the treatment approach that is needed. This is revealed through Skin Mapping.

Digestive Acne occurs on the face - primarily the forehead, temples, cheeks, nose and/or around the mouth.  This is treated with our Digestive Acne Kit.  

Liver Acne often referred to as Hormonal Acne occurs on the lower jawline, neck, chest, and/or back.  The specific location on the body (aka zone) lets us know what specific environmental toxins are burdening the liver. Treating the toxins within while supporting the skin topically with products and treatments eliminates the acne.