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Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

Immune Activator


Immune Activator contains a patented, stabilized oxygen molecule that empowers the immune system. The body uses oxygen to heal, fight bugs, and repair damage. Immune Activator enhances overall immunity inside and out. The results can be seen on your skin as it helps repair cells and improve hyperpigmentation/melasma. Vegan and Gluten Free.


  • Strengthens overall immunity and oxygenates the cells
  • Provides internal defense against oxidative stress
  • Detoxify and enhances repair activity
  • Activates the body to repair and heal Melasma and compromised skin


  • Melasma
  • Overall health and wellness


Dispense a full dropper under the tongue once daily for 5 minutes then discard or ingest. If desired may also apply topically on compromised skin.

Servings Per Container: 60


The main ingredients in the Immune Activator is ozonized ethyl oleate (Trioxolane), also known as extract of sweet wormwood. It has a remarkable ability to neutralize toxins, calm inflammation, activate epidermal wound repair, minimize the appearance of pores and age spots and dramatically improve skin texture. It is the same ingredient in the Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum making them the perfect duo to provide care both internally and topically elevating the results achieved.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Ozonized Ethyl Oleate, Orange Peel Oil.