MAGICSTRIPES - Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift

In this digital age, the rate at which we're able to receive results is increasing - along with our expectations. While technology keeps advancing the speed in which we operate, the skin care industry is still met with limitations that inhibit the instant gratification we're used to. Skin care has come a long ways over the years though with new treatments that include high-tech machinery and products boasting top of the line ingredients. Whether it's a chemical peel or a surgical procedure though, there is always an inevitable wait time before results can be seen.

Enter stage left: MAGICSTRIPES. A revolutionary way to give your eyelids a lift, completely surgery free, all while providing instant results. MAGICSTRIPES are user friendly, one time use silicone strips applied to the crease of the eyelid. Once applied, the eyelid appears instantly lifted giving a more open, rounded shape to the eye.


How to Apply

  1.  Important: The eyelid must be de-greased and dry. Before application, dab the eyelid with a cotton swap or pad to remove any grease or water
  2. With your fingernail, carefully remove the stripe from the film backing by slowly sliding your nail under a corner of the stripe to lift it from the film
  3. Tilt your head back and look straight in the mirror. In this position, the eyelid crease is best revealed. Depending on the shape of the eye and the texture of the skin smooth the lid, gently place the stripe in the crease and press it down to adhere it



As each individual's eye is different, there are no general rules as to where to place the stripe accurately or which size might be best for you. Generally: small stripes for normal, sagging eyes and large stripes for drooping eyelids, but it's best to test both versions with your first application and then choose the stripe with the best effect.
At the beginning it make take a few attempts to get the stripes in the ideal spot for your needs. Experiment by sticking the stripe lower, higher, more inwardly or outwardly. Be patient in your testing and always use a new stripe on the next attempt.
You can apply your make-up as usual, but pat on the eye shadow, do not rub it so as not to dislodge the stripe.
Very important: Do not give up if it does not work the first time. MAGICSTRIPES can be used by women of all ages. Especially with droopy eyelids, tired, small eyes or drooping eyelids you can achieve great results!