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Two Products that Re-Build Fat Pad Loss and Volume Loss in The Face

#1 RECOVERY by Osmosis Pur Medical

Recovery is a powerful skin and health boosting supplement that has many potent functions:

  • FACIAL VOLUME - Unique ability to restore fat loss in facial pads leading to increased volume
  • PREBIOTIC - Restores your natural Probiotic Population
  • MICROBIOME - Creates a high level of health in your microbiome
  • OMEGA BOOSTER -Restores Omega Levels 3,6,7,9
  • VAGINAL HYDRATION - relieves menopausal vaginal dryness
“Recovery addresses deep skin hydration by restoring the microbiome and providing the most diverse and complete collection of omegas and good fatty acids. It works on feminine hydration as well. Its unique ability to refill the structural fat pads of the face provides the plumbing many moisture seekers are looking for. Additionally, it restores the skin’s microbiome so that the barrier is healthy so the pores and surface hydration reap the benefits.” -Ben Johnson, MD


Adipeau is a high-performing face cream that works on fat cells to regenerate, promote and tone fat cells. Regenerating and restoring the health of your fat cells is the key to re-building volume loss and toning the skin. There are two key ingredients that are natural, vegan and safe that do just this. A true gift from mother nature.

  • Regenerate healthy fat cells and increase volume in skin
  • Collaborate with collagen making cells to strengthen skin
  • Anti-inflammatory effect on the skin to slow down aging  

Gains in volume were positively correlated with age. This means the more loss one had the more gains one experienced. So this can be started at any age. Average gain is 1.5 cubic centimetres (1cc of filler).

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